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Occupational therapy: working with displaced persons online module - coming soon


Occupational therapy: working with displaced persons online module

Occupational therapy: working with displaced persons is designed specifically for occupational therapists but is applicable for other health disciplines and aims to explore how to practice in the humanitarian sector working with displaced people within a new paradigm incorporating human rights.

This module is about working with persons displaced by conflict, war, or natural causes. It incorporates the need for understanding displaced people through their own eyes and working in collaboration with them in different situations in different parts of the world. The occupational therapy process calls for openness, agency, responsiveness, and resourcefulness. As an occupational therapist you need to be able to understand the specific context and adapt your approach to meet the needs of the population you are working with. You will investigate what it is like to live and work in transition, from disaster situations to resettlement. International policy, national policy, local circumstances all impact on the displaced person in his or her journey.

The education module offers learning opportunities through case studies, narratives, and reflective learning activities to respond to a diversity of contexts and events. It allows students to apply what they have learned to new contexts and new challenges in a variety of global situations.

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