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News from Member Organisations September 2021 - Argentina

May 6


The AATO-WFOT chapter opens a call for evaluators to monitor OT university programs, according to the minimum standards proposed by the WFOT.


May 15

AATO invites to participate in the OT Congress, to be held in the province of Cordoba, in 2023.

Possible forms of participation:

  • Participation categories: Student- Professional- Work teams.
  • Presentation methods:
  • Research work and free work: Professionals and students with their teachers.
  • Poster: Professionals / Students / Work teams.
  • Videos: Professionals / Students.
  • Round tables: Option A: Professionals. Option B: Professionals with students.
  • Discussions (with on-site production): Professionals.
  • Workshops (pre-congress) dictated by Professionals.
  • Rounds: Professionals.
  • Conferences: Professionals and work teams.

May 31

AATO – Chapter of Assistive Therapy.

From the chapter on assistive therapy, we invite you to participate in responding to a survey. It aims to investigate about OT practice in relation to the inclusion of products and support.

Further information here.

Thank you !

May 17


Argentine Journal of Occupational Therapy.

We highly recommend the reading of this editorial about the inclusion in article 43 !

The inclusion in article 43 of the Higher Education Law means the accreditation and the reserve of activities for our degree.

Congratulations !!

June 23

Information about Occupational Therapy Residency.


July 6


The objective of the Argentine Journal of Occupational Therapy is the dissemination of works in the field of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science, in dialogue with the areas of health, education, social and culture. It’s main interest is in relation to studies on different situations, related to human doing in its broadest sense, in conjunction with autonomy.


July 20

Latin American Meeting

In November C.L.A.T.O. Confederación Latinoamericana de Terapeutas Ocupacionales is preparing the Latin American and Caribbean Meeting of Knowledge.

You can send your work to clato.cientifico@gmail.com

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Meeting of Knowledge and Meeting of Occupational Therapy Academies and Schools; free activity for our members. November 17, 18 and 19