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News from Member Organisations December 2021 - Argentina

August 7th

The OT Chapter in the work field organized the conference "Roles, practices, contexts and experiences of Occupational Therapy in the Labor Field, in Argentina". Held in virtual mode, through Zoom and live broadcast on AATO's YouTube channel.


August 12th

The AATO accompanies the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) in its 200 years! Congratulations!

August 16th

We celebrate the birthday of the Argentine Association Of Occupational Therapists (AATO)! Thanks for growing together.


August 17th

We are happy to share that the Occupational Therapy career at the National University of the Littoral (UNL) meets the minimum standards for the education of occupational therapists proposed by the WFOT, in this way the continuation is obtained until the year 2028. Without doubt, it is a great achievement that will benefit the graduates of UNL. Congratulations!


August 26th

Contribution: Lic. Daiana Balero - AATO - Salta Subsidiary President

Salta has been an AATO subsidiary since March 2020: The board of directors with external collaborators designed a logo to represent them. It has a lot of symbolism and meaning, since the central design is the image of the province and the colors that give it life are those of the provincial flag. In addition, it comes together like a puzzle, which was intended to symbolize the union and consolidation of occupational therapists.


August 27th

The provincial law of professional practice (n° 8234/20) of Salta is promulgated, adhering to the national law.

September 1st

The Law 15.200 on the Professional Practice of Occupational Therapy in the province of Buenos Aires, published in the Official Gazette on November 6, 2020, creates the Professional College of the discipline. To constitute it, the electoral process organized by a provisional Electoral Board formed in accordance with the law must be carried out.


September 6th

We congratulate our colleagues from Jujuy! They have obtained the promulgation of their Provincial Law of Professional Practice adhering to the National Law.

September 10th

We celebrate our national day and with every achievement by each and every one of the more than 12 thousand professionals throughout the country. We celebrate with joy having hundreds of students who are trained in one of the 20 Universities. We celebrate RENATO, a network of professional organizations that links and supports common and diverse projects. We celebrate an Occupational Therapy Career Council (COCATO), collaborative work and common goals. We celebrate the rights acquired in the struggles for the defense of professional practice... our subsidiaries in Salta, La Pampa, Tierra del Fuego, Río Negro and Formosa that allow us to join forces and protect the rights achieved... And above all, we celebrate the passion for this profession that is consolidated in each daily action of the group.


September 30th

The Chapter of OT in the school environment shared a meeting with students. It was an experience of reflection and sharing on the role of the OT in this area, very enriching!


October 27th

From the outbreak of the pandemic, the AATO summoned colleagues to study, reflect and analyze the impact of preventive and compulsory social isolation in the daily life and occupations of people and communities.