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WFOT is vibrant organisation that interacts with international stakeholders to ensure the important contribution of the occupational therapy is represented at all levels. We use a range of strategies to engage with the profession, organisations, groups and individuals to undertake our work. WFOT is virtual organisation that is managed entirely by volunteers and reliant on membership income. One of the important ways to get involved is to join WFOT as an Individual Member.

Your contribution will support strategic international representation at key stakeholder events to progress, lobby and influence the importance and relevance of the occupational therapy profession at a global level. We also welcome interaction and support from groups and organisations who may wish to support our work. More information >

As a Federation of national occupational therapy organisations we often consult with our Member Organisations to provide feedback and representation on a wide range of issues, including consultation documents, reviewers/contributors and specialist opinions and perspectives from across the world.  Consider contacting your WFOT Delegate and Membership Organisation to let them know you are interested in contributing to any calls for action that are disseminated by WFOT.

WFOT also makes requests to the occupational therapy profession by requesting input in global surveys and research. These requests are featured on the WFOT website or via social media.

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