Donations and Bequests

To make the world a better place, we must first become better ourselves. Too often, we live our lives without reflecting on the lessons we've learned and about the person we strive to become. What kind of life do you want to live? Consider what you have gained from being an occupational therapist or what you have gained from receiving or being involved in occupational therapy services. We ask you to consider ways in which you can help the WFOT support the development and provision of services internationally. No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted (Aesop, Greek Fable Writer).

Many people may not know that the WFOT delegates and the WFOT Executive are volunteers and give their time and expertise at no cost to the organisation. The WFOT is currently funded through subscriptions from national associations and individual members. On many occasions the WFOT is asked for assistance and it does not have the resources to respond or the assistance that can be provided is limited due to lack of funding.

Over the years the WFOT has undertaken specific fund raising campaigns for both internal and external projects, and donations and bequests are welcomed.

In the past the WFOT has been able to respond in a timely manner to important international developments in particular initial disaster preparedness activities. The WFOT has other responsibilities too for example:

  • preserving the living history of the organisation through archiving of WFOT materials for access by scholars and others
  • reviewing the WFOT Minimum Standards of Education (2002) to ensure that occupational therapy education remains at the cutting edge of health professional education
  • developing resources to assist therapists in low and high resource countries to consolidate and strengthen the profession where it exists
  • working with therapists in countries where the profession doesn’t currently exist to develop it
  • developing resources and support networks for therapists working in low resource countries including assistance to attend the WFOT Congress
  • developing further awards to promote research, education and excellence in practice
  • supporting the work of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

If you want to support some of the exciting initiatives occurring within the WFOT and the international occupational therapy community, just contact us at and we will be happy to provide further information on how you can donate, alternatively you can donate online via this link. Remember - wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness (Seneca, Roman Philosopher).

All donations received incur a 12% + $0.40 levy to cover banking and administrative costs. Categories covered by the donations include; grants, translation, education consultations and scholarships. Award recipients must meet the stated obligations and are subject to its restrictions.

Book Donations

The WFOT periodically receives requests from people and organisations who wish to donate educational material (e.g. Occupational therapy textbooks and/or professional journals) to interested WFOT member organisations, educational programmes, or other parties approved by the WFOT.

The WFOT acknowledges the goodwill of those people and organisations wishing to donate. Please follow the WFOT Procedures for Book Donations in the Policies category of the Resources.

World Occupational Therapy Day occurs on 27th October each year. Many member countries and student organisations donate proceeds of activities to WFOT to support the work of the organisation. To make a donation, please contact the Secretariat at You can also donate online via this link. Please note that fifteen percent of all donations support infrastructure needs.

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Your donation covers: grants, translations, education consultations and scholarships. Award recipients must meet the stated obligations and are subject to its restrictions.

All donations received incur a 3.5% + $0.30 USD fee to cover banking and administrative costs.

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