WFOT holds an international Congress every four years, with the aim to encourage professional fellowship, exchange technical and scientific information and to promote high standards of practice worldwide.

WFOT Congresses include:

  • Scientific sessions
  • Social functions
  • Study opportunities for members
  • A WFOT Business Meeting (Plenary Session)

Next Congress

The next WFOT International Congress and Exhibition 2022, will be held in Paris, France. The theme is 'Occupational R-Evolution', and the programme will feature world leading experts, unique social events and an exhibition, all hosted in and around the Paris Convention Centre. WFOT Congress 2022 will once again be the leading event on the international calendar for Occupational Therapists. We look forward to seeing you in Paris.

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Previous Congresses

Congress FAQs

WFOT Congress 2018, South Africa
You can access the programme, abstracts, videos of the Keynote addresses and much more information.

Summaries of Keynotes are available in the Resources.

WFOT Congress 2014, Japan

You can access the programme and abstracts here, however full copies of presentations are available only via the authors. Specific contact details of authors are not available; however their University or work affiliation is usually listed on the abstract, so you could follow this up via your internet search engine.
Keynote addresses were published:
WFOT Inaugural Lecture – Hong Kong Occupational Therapy Journal, September 2014
Other Keynote Addresses – Journal of the Japanese Association of Occupational Therapists

WFOT Congress 2010, Chile
Please email your request to WFOT at

The WFOT Bulletin (November 2010) published the Congress Keynote Address 'Learning by Doing: creating knowledge for occupational therapy' by Dr. Mary Law. Congress 2010 delegates also received all abstracts on a CD.

WFOT Congress 2006, Australia
Please email your request to WFOT at
The September 2006 issue of the Australian Occupational Therapy Journal (AOTJ) featured three of the WFOT Congress Keynote Papers, along with editorial from WFOT President at the time – Professor Kit Sinclair. To access these articles, follow this link.