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Investigating the Needs, Perspectives & Self-Efficacy of Occupational Therapists in Work & Industry


The long-term goal of this survey research is to develop a framework or infrastructure for key needs and opportunities for OTs practicing in Work and Industry (W&I). In order to further support OT in W&I, we plan to gather insight from current practitioners in this practice area on the following: 1) examine the current available resources and how OTs access them, 2) explore each practitioner’s perspectives on issues that affect them personally as well as issues from the broader perspective of OT, 3) finally, learn about specific work context and career paths of individuals.

Procedure for completing the survey

This study will be survey research and will be distributed online via Qualtrics, an online survey platform. Responses will remain anonymous. This survey has been designed to gather information from respondents in four main sections:

Demographics (i.e., gender, country/state, practice setting, years of experience in W&I)

Importance, availability and accessibility of practice-based resources

Perspectives on challenges affecting OT practitioners in W&I

Work context and career paths

The survey contains a total of 29 questions. Preliminary testing of the survey indicates that it will require approximately 10 minutes to complete.

How anonymity of data will be ensured

Because we will be posting the survey link on multiple social media platforms and OT association forums/websites, these recruitment methods increase the risk for multiple responses, this will be controlled as best as possible by restricting the online response to one per IP address. IP address will be monitored by the online survey site (i.e., Qualtrics), but will not be recorded in the final data obtained to ensure anonymity.

The survey will be distributed via an anonymous survey link using Qualtrics.

Deadline for completion/closure of survey is July 15, 2020.