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Integrated Healthcare for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Despite their greater needs, children with developmental disabilities and their families often face barriers to healthcare access. Children with developmental disabilities must have access to high quality and appropriate healthcare, so they can realise their full potential and participate in their community.

This three-week course is designed to enhance your knowledge of children with developmental disabilities and help you to improve healthcare provision for a vulnerable group, by working in partnership with families and other essential services, such as education or social care providers.

Topics covered:

• Developmental disabilities and their effect on child development and functioning

• The importance of early diagnosis and intervention

• How to improve health and healthcare access for children with developmental disabilities

• How to achieve equal partnership and effective communication in healthcare settings

• The importance of family-centred care

• The broader needs of children with developmental disabilities, including social inclusion and education

• How to establish intersectoral collaboration with other key service providers

Course duration: 01/07/2019 - 19/07/2019 (although learners who sign up in this three-week period have access to the course for five weeks)