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Experiences and opinions of healthcare professionals about the audio-vestibular findings of individuals with traumatic brain injury


The primary purpose of this study is to gain a better understanding of the current practices of HCPs when dealing with individuals who may have audio-vestibular symptoms following a TBI. This study also aims to explore the experiences and opinions of HCPs regarding audio-vestibular problems after TBI.

Procedure for completing the survey

The internet-based survey that participants will complete will be hosted by the University of Nottingham survey software JISC, which provides a secure server.

How anonymity of data will be ensured

No one will know you have taken part in this study because we will not ask for your name or any other personal identification details (ID) during this survey. Your IP address will not be visible to or stored by the research team because an online survey platform is being used which receives and stores an IP address but enables this detail to be filtered out before it is transferred to the research team. As with any online related activity the risk of breach is possible but this risk is being minimised by using a platform on an encrypted webpage.

When you completed the questionnaire, it will be uploaded into a password protected database with a code number. The research team will not be able to see who it is from and for this reason, it will not be possible to withdraw the data at this point.

Your data (research data) will be stored in a password-protected folder on a restricted access server at the university under the terms of its data protection policy. Data is kept for a minimum of 7 years and then destroyed. This survey is for a PhD project and the answers received from all participants will be combined in a password protected database ready for analysis. The results will be written up as a dissertation and may be used in academic publications and presentations. The overall anonymised data from this study may be shared for use in future research and teaching (with research ethics approval).

The only personal data we will receive is your e-mail if you contact us to ask further questions or need support. This will be received and handled separately from your completed questionnaire and it will not be possible to link the sets of data. Your e-mail address will only be kept as long as needed to resolve your problem. It will then be destroyed. For further information about how the university processes personal data please visit our website.

The deadline for completion/closure of survey is 30/07/2022.

To take part please click here or use the QR code in our poster.