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Development of a tool to guide collaborative consultation in SBOT practice

Development of a tool to guide collaborative consultation in SBOT practice

Purpose: This research study aims to validate the utility of a novel tool called the Collaborative Consultation Pyramid (CCP). This tool aims to facilitate joint effort between occupational therapists, educators, and families to enable educational outcomes for children in schools. We are looking to learn more about the perspectives of occupational therapists on collaborative practice and invite them to give us feedback on the early design of the CCP tool.

How to take part: This study involves participation in a focus group interview for approximately 1.5 hours via Zoom, or in an individual interview for approximately 30 - 60 minutes via Zoom. Please contact Heba Alshare at (hals0817@uni.sydney.edu.au) to express interest in participation.

How anonymity of data will be ensured: No reference will be made to the participants’ identities or work addresses in any disseminated findings. Only the research team will have access to any personal information of the participants who consented. Data generated from the focus groups and individual interviews will be transcribed and securely saved on the Research Data Store (RDS) of the University of Sydney. Once transcription reliability has been confirmed, all of the recordings will be destroyed. To reduce the risk of including any potentially identifying information in the transcriptions, we will change these identifiable information (including the names of participants). Pseudonyms will be used as means of protecting confidentiality in case we need to use them in reporting the research findings.

Deadline: The deadline for sending an expression of interest is 1st December 2021.

For more information please see Invitation to participate in a research study