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World OT Day


Occupational Therapy Day was first launched on 27th October 2010. Since then, it has become an important date in the occupational therapy calendar to promote and celebrate the profession internationally.

What is World Occupational Therapy Day?

The World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) is the international voice of the occupational therapy profession which globally comprises of 92 national occupational therapy professional organisations. World Occupational Therapy Day is the opportunity to heighten the visibility of the profession’s development work and to promote the activities of WFOT locally, nationally, and internationally.

When is it? Annually on October 27th

The aim is that the WFOT World Occupational Therapy Day will be integrated with other national celebrations and promotions of the mission and goals of occupational therapy. Many countries hold occupational therapy week or month in October. If this does not fit with your country or time frame then individual events can be scheduled to suit any local time frames. This will help to increase the awareness of occupational therapists and society of the truly global impact of occupational therapy.

Promoting and Celebrating World Occupational Therapy Day 2016 - Information and Resources

There are many ways to promote and celebrate World Occupational Therapy Day 2016.

The WFOT is providing a range of resources that you can utilise to help promote the event. Many of these items have been designed exclusively for World Occupational Therapy Day 2016 and they can be downloaded from Resource Centre > World OT Day:

Guide to World Occupational Therapy Day 2016 – A useful resource to help you plan and organise the event together with links to exclusive promotional offers.World Occupational Therapy Day 2016 official logo free for you to download - available with and without the date in five languages.Desktop calendars for use as your computer wallpaper.Posters for you to print or use online.Social Media Pack with artwork for Facebook, Twitter and banner advertisements for you to use.Join the Occupational Therapy International Online Network (OTION) and network with people around the world to share news and ideas about World Occupational Therapy Day. 

OT Global Day of Service

The OT Global Day of Service (OTGDS) 2016 will take place on Thursday 27th October.

Occupational Therapy practitioners and students can volunteer community service for an individual or organisation.

For example of service activities that you might provide to the benefit of others, and to find out more about OTGDS, go to


OT4OT 24hour Virtual Exchange


The OT 24-hour Virtual Exchange (OT24VX) started in 2010 and is held each year to celebrate World OT Day. This “follow the sun” conference is run by Online Technology for Occupational Therapy (OT4OT), a small group of occupational therapists from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and United Kingdom; who are passionate about using online technology to advance entry level education, continuing professional development, research, and practice.

This year the theme for OT24Vx is “Making it Together”The event will take place on the 27/28 October 2016 and you can enjoy a free, 24 hour interactive online conference – 42 speakers over every time zone in the world.For more information on how to get ready, please go to the website (, or OT4OT on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @OT4OT #OT24Vx16   


We ask you to consider ways in which you can help WFOT support the development and provision of services internationally.

Many people may not know that WFOT delegates and the WFOT Executive are volunteers and give their time and expertise at no cost to the organisation. WFOT is currently funded through subscriptions from national associations and individual members.On many occasions WFOT is asked for assistance and it does not have the resources to respond or the assistance that can be provided is limited due to lack of funding.Your contributions will assist the development of the profession internationally.Please consider fundraising for WFOT. Payments can be made by credit/debit card and PayPal via this dedicated link

All donations received incur a 12% + $0.40 levy to cover banking and administrative costs. Categories  covered by the donations include; grants, translation, education consultations and scholarships. Award recipients must meet the stated obligations and are subject to its restrictions.

World OT Day 2016: Activities Summary

Celebrations were held around the world and on social media to celebrate World Occupational Therapy Day 2016. Examples of how people promoted the global profile of the profession are presented in the document below.

Read the World OT Day 2016 Roundup (PDF)

Read the World OT Day 2016 President's Message
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