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Category: Practice
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Bouncy Bands

Bouncy Bands are available in 2 sizes for chairs and desks. They are designed to help students release their extra energy and anxiety to provide some sensory stimulation relief. Students love being able to move while they work instead of having to sit still for 5-6 hours a day at school. Teachers appreciate how they are quiet, keep their hands-free to work, inexpensive, don't distract others, heavy-duty, and easy to install. Teachers have noticed how many students can stay on task longer since they aren't looking for excuses for movement through getting up to sharpen their pencil, get a drink of water, or to use the bathroom. They also notice that students are able to do much better on tests since they have a way to release their test anxiety. Occupational Therapists around the world are thrilled to finally have a solution to the therapy bands that they have used for years, since these don't come untied, wear out quickly, and they stay in place with the support pipes that are included.

Product Code:Model Number: BBAND2015