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World Occupational Therapy Day

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Get ready to celebrate World Occupational Therapy Day. We are looking forward to hearing about lots of exciting events from around the world. Join your international colleagues and let everyone in your community know about occupational therapy.

Utilise WFOT’s various promotional materials (Free download) to celebrate World Occupational Therapy Day – exclusive logos, calendars, posters and much more on our website > Resource Centre > World OT Day  New resources have been developed since our last edition of the e-newsletter.

The theme for World Occupational Therapy Day 2013 is Global Reach, Local Touch which is aimed at promoting the international impact of our profession at an individual, group, local and national level. Looking for ideas? Download the Guide to World Occupational Therapy Day 2013 from either the Facebook App or from > Resource Centre > World OT Day.

Here are some examples of World Occupational Therapy Day promotional items – all details are provided in the Guide to World Occupational Therapy Day 2013.

Exclusive offers:

The publication ‘Occupational Therapy International’ is offering a free special issue for World Occupational Therapy Day and covers the topic of ‘Global Partnerships in Occupational Therapy’ – which can be accessed via this link.

Occupational Therapy International also offers Individual Members of WFOT a heavily discounted annual subscription rates to their publication.

Take advantage of this special discount and subscribe to Occupational Therapy International here
The Australian Occupational Therapy Journal is also pleased to offer you its latest free virtual issue. This issue covers the topic of ‘Pediatric Occupational Therapy and can be accessed via this link

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WFOT Members can enjoy a 20% discounted rate off Occupational Therapy books published by Wiley. Click to find out more

Fundraising and Donations:

Consider what you have gained from being an occupational therapist or what you have gained from receiving or being involved in occupational therapy services.

We ask you to consider ways in which you can help WFOT support the development and provision of services internationally.

Many people may not know that WFOT delegates and the WFOT Executive are volunteers and give their time and expertise at no cost to the organisation. WFOT is currently funded through subscriptions from national associations and individual members.

On many occasions WFOT is asked for assistance and it does not have the resources to respond or the assistance that can be provided is limited due to lack of funding.

Your contributions will assist the development of the profession internationally.

Please consider fundraising for WFOT. Payments can be made by credit/debit card and PayPal via this dedicated link

All donations received incur a 12% + $0.40 levy to cover banking and administrative costs. Categories covered by the donations include; grants, translation, education consultations and scholarships. Award recipients must meet the stated obligations and are subject to its restrictions.

As you enjoy your World Occupational Therapy Day celebrations, please consider supporting the work of WFOT by making a donation. Payments can be made via a dedicated link

Enjoy World Occupational Therapy Day and let’s tell the world about us and the great things we achieve every day.