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If you are already registered as a WFOT Member and have been assigned a membership number, you can set up your account online. Once your account is established, you can log in and access members only content by clicking the Login button at the top of each page.

The Benefits of Being a Member

A member of WFOT receives the Bulletin (professional journal) twice yearly, through which they can really see what is happening in the “International World of OT”. The scope of professional practices, from country to country, is extensive and WFOT actively supports relationships between countries, individual practitioners, educators and students, and these relationships continually expand dramatically.

Members also receive the ‘WFOT e-newsletter’ four times per year, to keep them informed of what is happening in the occupational therapy world.

Members are eligible to apply for research awards  and seek or provide support from or to colleagues through the website This site also allows members to access information about non government organisations which employ therapists in developing countries.

WFOT has strong and influential relationships with a large number of international organisations. It works closely with WHO (World Health Organisation) at both a central and regional level. Regional networks are also available to members, with each region conducting conferences and working groups that challenge issues on a more local level.

Members are invited to contribute to the many different projects that are in progress, to contribute to the work of WFOT. The four WFOT programme areas - Education and Research; International Cooperation; Promotion and Development; and Standards and Quality - are actively recruiting interested therapists to work in whatever way they want to within these projects.

Who Is Eligible to be a Member?

Qualified occupational therapists and students who are interested in becoming individual members of WFOT are able to do so through their national association. It is only through your membership in your national association that your qualifications can be confirmed and the status of individual membership of WFOT be given due recognition.

Membership in the WFOT does not imply that you graduated from a WFOT approved educational program. The WFOT has no mechanism for approving the academic credentials of individual members.

How to Become a Member

You can become a member of WFOT by paying an annual subscription to your national association which then forwards your membership fee directly to WFOT. If you were educated in a country that is different to the one you are currently working in, it should still be possible for you to become an Individual Member of WFOT. Either contact the national association of the country you are currently working in or the national association of the country that you were educated in.

If you have not graduated from a WFOT approved educational programme, please encourage your educational institution to undertake the process of recognition that your national association has established.


Special Offer to Members

Member Discount: Occupational Therapy International Publication

The publication “Occupational Therapy International” (OTI) is offering a discounted subscription rate for WFOT Individual Members.

Individual Members can gain a 25% discount for print & online subscription and a 30% discount for online only subscriptions.

By subscribing to OTI you will have access to articles on the reliability and validity of clinical instruments, treatment effectiveness, assistive technology, community rehabilitation, case studies of occupational therapy interventions and surveys, historical reviews and meta-analyses.

OTI’s publication dates include March, June, September and December. Subscribers should receive copies early in the cover month or in the previous month. Potential subscribers should also note that OTI is available worldwide.

Please view OTI’s free sample copy.

To subscribe to OTI and take advantage of this special discount, go directly to the OTI subscription site. 

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