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Employment as an Occupational Therapist

Are OT's able to work in another country? Could you give any information or direction on the requirements for working as an occupational therapist in another country?

Occupational therapists can work in another country if they meet the requirements of the country in which they are seeking employment. The requirements of each member country can be found in the document 'Working as an occupational therapist in another country (2015)' which is located in the Resource Centre > General.

Online discussions, including working in another country, are available via the WFOT Occupational Therapy International Online Network (OTION).

Are the curricula of WFOT occupational therapy educational programmes at universities based on the WFOT standards, and are the University degrees recognised internationally?

Although the WFOT establishes Minimum Standards for the Education of Occupational Therapists, each country has the right and responsibility to establish eligibility criteria that meet both the WFOT standards and the regulations and needs of their own jurisdiction. The Delegates from each country can assist you with this information and their details can be found under Country Profiles.
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