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Education and Research


All the countries of the world will have their own occupational therapy education programmes, which meet the WFOT minimum standards. The minimum standards will allow the educational curricula to be responsive to the needs and demands of each country. The occupational therapy programmes will co-operate with one another. All occupational therapists will have access to further professional education and development, and higher degrees. Occupational therapists will participate in research and develop research opportunities in all countries in the world, and will have access to information about research from all parts of the world. The value of occupational therapy worldwide shall be recognised through evidence based practice supported by research documentation.



  • There will be occupational therapy educational programmes in all countries of the world.
  • Occupational therapy education in every country will meet the WFOT minimum standards.
  • There will be a well functioning network among occupational therapy programmes throughout the world.
  • There will be access to post professional education and advanced degrees in occupational therapy for occupational therapists worldwide.
  • There will be access for students to quality occupational therapy education and the opportunity for exchange.
  • There will be an adequate number of well-qualified teachers available for educating students in all countries.
  • There will be relevant educational materials and resources available worldwide.


  • There will be financial options for occupational therapists in all countries to develop projects and research and to document the value of occupational therapy.
  •  There will be an increase in financial support from WFOT for certain occupational therapy research projects.
  •  Occupational therapy research information will be available throughout the world.
  •  Information on occupational therapy research will be available to health system decision-makers, health professionals and consumers.
  •  Regular international and regional occupational therapy congresses will be organised.

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