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Paediatrics OT Other Countries,
100,000 USD
Full Time
Senior OT

Under the direction of and reporting to the Director of the Center & the Director of Therapies, the Senior Pediatric Occupational
Therapist is responsible for conducting occupational therapy evaluations for complex children visiting the center, providing
appropriate interventions that will meet their individual needs, developing programming to promote development of skills in
clinic and home setting and work collaboratively with an interdisciplinary team.

• Assess and treat motor, cognitive, perceptual motor, self care and sensory processing difficulties in the following
* Gross and fine motor skills
* Sensory processing skills
* Cognitive/Executive Function skills
* Visual perceptual skills
* Visual-motor integration and handwriting skills
* Self-Care, independence and autonomy
• Write detailed Assessment/Evaluation reports, progress and discharge reports according to the Centre’s policy;
• Create, implement and revise the individual treatment program;
• Instruct and advise parents on an occupational therapy treatment plan;
• Assess and recommend appropriate seating systems and mobility;
• Maintain records and case notes;
• Monitor and evaluate patient's progress;
• Work with clients on a one-to-one basis, and/or in groups, to deliver therapy using an interdisciplinary approach with
co-treatments with other disciplines utilized when appropriate
• Consult and work with team members of the multidisciplinary team to incorporate appropriate strategies and goals into
the child’s plan to ensure the child’s fullest development
• Maintain confidentiality about clients and their families.

Contact name: Aida Barghout
Contact role: HR & Admin Manager
Contact organisation: High Hopes Pediatric Therapy Center Dubai
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