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Paediatrics - Sensory Integration

$54,600 - $68,250 USD
Full Time

Wake up in the beautiful country of Italy knowing that you will be working towards helping children and their families learn, evolve, and grow!

Amy Zier & Associates is seeking a full time pediatric occupational therapist to work primarily in Napoli, Italy. This position will also require travel between Napoli and Rome. This is an excellent opportunity for an OT with sensory integration experience and the desire to be trained in the DIR Model. In addition, the OT will be mentored by premier American DIR pediatric occupation therapist, Amy Zier.

To be successful at this job, a therapist must take initiative and be a self-starter. The therapist will have the ability to create their own schedule. It is expected that the OT will exercise innovative approaches to address various developmental challenges. In addition, it is extremely important that the therapist is able to establish and maintain relationships with multiple military families.

The clinical space has plenty of supplies and good equipment to conduct individualized session for clients. Clinical work includes therapy sessions, parent meetings, family interaction, school observations, correspondence with teachers, documentation, evaluations, and school observation report write ups. The client profiles that a therapist may come across include sensory, motor, emotional, and relationship needs.

Paediatrics OT

$6000-$8000 TTD + living expenses
Full Time

Full Time pediatric occupational therapist (2 year contract)