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Host location: United Kingdom - Online course
Organiser name: Sensory Integration Network 
Course type: Distance learning
Duration: Enter duration: 16 weeks
Qualification: Pathway to Master's Degree in Sensory Integration, Ulster University
Date of course/start date: 15 January 2018
Cost: £849 member price. (Payment plans available)

Further information
The online Sensory Integration Module 1 course, accredited by Ulster University, is the first part of the modular pathway which also offers the opportunity to work towards a Postgraduate Diploma or Masters in Sensory Integration. 

Learning is facilitated via a range of methods including animated presentations, interactive learning scenarios, videos and case study vignettes.

The learning units include the neuroscience supporting the theory of sensory integration and an overview of all sensory systems. You will enhance your clinical reasoning skills and be able to draw on knowledge of sensory systems and sensory integration theory and research to support your clinical observations and interventions.

In addition, you will have your own E-Mentor who will support your individual learning needs with online groups offering peer learning support.

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