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President’s Message



President’s Message for January 2015



I would like to wish every one of you a very happy, healthy and peaceful 2015.

2014 like any year was a year of highs and lows (locally, nationally and internationally) and I would like to start by congratulating every single one of you for continuing to deliver outstanding work and service to your clients and colleagues.

WFOT is not big enough to change the world health agenda, however we can influence what the profession achieves within the global organisation and how occupational therapists are perceived beyond our local and national organisations. . We talk about ‘image creation‘– what is the perception you want to leave behind when you leave the room? The image creation for occupational therapists is around not being afraid to pursue new opportunities, to embrace change and being the market leaders in health service provision and evidence.  

WFOT has continued to grow and expand its range of services and I believe 2015 holds many exciting prospects for us – some of which we haven’t even thought of yet. 30 years ago the mobile phone was a science fiction story, 15 years ago WFOT had one very part time staff member and we were stretched just dealing with what arrived in our email inbox  – look at where we are now.

The major focus areas for WFOT in 2015 will include continuing to strengthen our relationships within WHO (World Health Organisation), looking beyond DAR (WHO Disability and Rehabilitation division) to the other divisions that have synergy with WFOT, as well reaching out to other international organisations such as ILO (International Labour Organisation) and other international NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organisations). We will continue to develop our exciting programmes and projects designed to meet our members’ needs and grow the membership base. In order for us to do that we need to hear from you so please send us your suggestions and ideas. We may not be able to pursue all of them immediately but we will continue to do our best. Better still, think about working with us to make ideas come to life.

WFOT can only plan for a “healthy” future because of the total confidence I continue to have in the profession of occupational therapy. I cannot predict what is going to happen in the environment but I can predict if we all continue to work together, we will continue to succeed and build on the firm foundation laid by those who have gone before us. Managing change and uncertainty (and we certainly live in uncertain times) has and continues to be one of occupational therapy’s strengths because as long as we continue to focus on the things that matter – the clients who receive the services we strive so hard to support and develop – everything else is just about process and if the process changes we will not be deterred from our focus.

I really look forward to working with you all in 2015, to maintaining old friendships and connections as well as making new ones to continue to strengthen and grow the occupational therapy profession and WFOT.

WFOT looks forward to an exciting and stimulating 2015 – occupational therapists are totally awesome and one of the reasons I start the day with a smile every day. J


Marilyn Pattison

January 2015

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