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Position Statements

As the World Federation of Occupational Therapists continues to take a leadership role in the occupational therapy profession and increases its liaison with other international organisations, there is a need to state the position of WFOT on a number of issues that are relevant to the profession and civil society. Position statements provide a platform on which the WFOT can project its stance and reflect its image as a world leader.

Position statements present the official stance of the Federation on a substantive issue or subject. They are developed in response to a particular issue, concern, or need of the Federation and its members and may be written for internal and/or external use. Position statements are adopted by vote through the Council.

New Position Statements are continuously being developed by WFOT expert groups.

The following Position Statements can be accessed from the "Resource Centre > filter resources by category: Position Statements":

  • Academic Credentials for Occupational Therapy Educators for University Based Education in Occupational Therapy (2008)
  • Activities of Daily Living (2012)
  • Client-centredness in Occupational Therapy (2010)
  • Community Based Rehabilitation (2004)
  • Competency and Maintaining Competency (2012)
  • Consumer Interface with Occupational Therapy (2010)
  • Diversity and Culture (2010)
  • Environmental Sustainability Sustainable Practice within Occupational Therapy (2012)
  • Ethics, Sustainability and Global Experiences (2016) 
  • Global Health: Informing Occupational Therapy Practice (2014)
  • Human Displacement revised (2014)
  • Human Rights (2006) 
  • Inclusive Occupational Therapy Education (2008)
  • International Collaborative Research in Occupational Therapy revised (2012)
  • International Professionalism (2014)
  • Occupational Science (2006)
  • Occupational Therapy in Disaster, Preparedness and Response (2014)
  • Occupational Therapy in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) (2016)
  • Occupational Therapy in End of Life Care (2016) 
  • Occupational Therapy Entry-Level Qualifications (2008)
  • Occupational Therapy – Profession Autonomy (2007)
  • Occupational Therapy Services in School-Based Practice for Children and Youth (2016)
  • Occupational Therapy in Work Related Practice (2016)
  • Professional Registration (2010)
  • Recruiting OTs from International Communities revised (2014)
  • Recognition of Former Educational Status (2014)
  • Scope and Extension of Practice (2014)
  • Specialisation and Advanced Occupational Therapy Competencies (2014)
  • Telehealth (2014)
  • Universal Design (2012)
  • Use of Social Media (2016) 
  • Vocational Rehabilitation (2012)
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