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Programme Areas


The following is a list of the projects currently in progress in each of the programme areas.


Ongoing functions 2016-2018

Regional Responsibilities - APOTRG

UN, WHO, Rehabilitation International, IAPO, World Bank and other NGOs

Master Plan on Human Rights, Education, Mental Health, Disaster Preparedness and Response

Financial management

Risk analysis and integration

Council Participation Fund


Council Meetings


Website and social media

Strategic plan

WFOT Bulletin

Global Health


Marketing and Promotion

Student involvement

Human Resources

Sustainable occupational therapy practice


Ongoing Functions 2016-2018

Maintain updated list of WFOT Approved education programmes

Review submitted curricula for approval and re-approval

Review and approve approval/re-approval process of member organisations

Respond to education enquiries

Draft relevant policies within the education programme area (including the accreditation option)

Review, update and standardise format of education-related WFOT documents (including approval process, Education Quality Assurance Package (EQAP)


Projects 2016-2018

Create a directory of educational institutions offering bridging/transition programmes

Establish an expert advisory group on the development of postgraduate programmes

Develop an Occupational Therapy Educators' Preparation (OTEP) module

Develop the content for the course for prospective programme evaluators

Develop a master project plan for the development of occupational therapy in China



Ongoing Projects 2016-2018

Analysis of existing datasets within the organisation and development of appropriate actions (Executive Director - Research Programme)

Provide research support to other programme areas as needed

Projects 2016-2018

Revision and re-launching of the WFOT Thelma Cardwell Award

Scoping of the ethics approval landscape for WFOT related research

Research priorities project

Research capacity building - needs assessment

WFOT 2018 World Congress Research Institute

Raising the research profile in Disaster Preparedness and Response (DP&R)

Practice Development

Projects 2016-2018 

Use of Quality Indicators in Occupational Therapy
- follow up on recommendations and development of a Position Statement

Role of Professional Associations in Monitoring Practice
- compile a list of Member Organisations' regulatory requirements "Development of a Position Statement and Resources for Member Organisations"

Master Project Plan:
How WFOT can support the actions in the WHO Report on Ageing and Health
- investigate the roles of occupational therapists with key stakeholders in promoting age-friendly environment by developing a survey
- support healthy ageing in all policies at all levels od government / the role of the persons by producing position statements on "driving and community mobility" and "the role of occupational therapists with key stakeholders in romoting age-friendly environments.
- combat ageism by producing a position statement
- enable autonomy by producing a position statement
- provide resources for issues addressed

Identification of critical universal variables for global measurement of occupational therapy efficacy and impact

Decent work and occupational therapy
- develop a comprehensive conceptually coherent overview regarding work and occupational therapy

Position Statement on Rehabilitation

WFOT plan to support the WHO Disability Action Plan 2014-2021
- review each objective to explore past relevant WFOT projects, ongoing work and future projects

Standards & Quality

Ongoing Functions 2016-2018

Support and facilitation of new member organisations

Review constitutions of new member organisations

Monitoring and communicating with International Advisory Groups (IAGs)

- IAG Occupational Science

- IAG Human Rights

- IAG Social Media

Translation of official WFOT documents into French, Spanish, German and other non-English languages when requested

Projects 2016-2018

Establishment of a procedure to support and facilitate national code of ethics

Policy and procedure regarding review of position statements

Establish IAG Human Displacement

Recommendation to Occupational Therapists
- supportive policy for member organisations

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