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Programme Areas


The following is a list of the projects currently in progress in each of the programme areas.


Ongoing functions 2014-2016

Regional Responsibilities

UN, WHO, Rehabilitation International, IAPO, World Bank and other NGOs

Master Plan on Human Rights, Education, Mental Health, Disaster Preparedness and Response

Financial management

Risk analysis and integration

Council Participation Fund


Council Meetings


Website and social media

Strategic plan

WFOT Bulletin

Global Health


Marketing and Promotion

Student involvement

Human Resources

Sustainable occupational therapy practice


Ongoing Functions 2014-2016

Maintain updated list of education programmes

Review submitted curricula for approval and re-approval

Respond to education enquiries

Maintain a web-based directory of occupational therapy journals and publications


Projects 2014-2016

Review, update and standardise format of education-related WFOT documents

Revise the Minimum Standards for the Education of Occupational Therapists

Develop a position statement on ethical international fieldwork

Develop a position statement on interprofessional education

Implement a certification programme for prospective WFOT evaluators

Develop a cost recovery fee schedule for approval, re-approval or accreditation of education programmes

Develop a WFOT policy / system for endorsing and assigning units to continue professional education (CPE)

Create a directory of institutions that provide bridging / transition programmes for occupational therapists

Establish an advisory group on developing post graduate programmes



Projects 2014-2015

Internal research

Identify the research needs and priorities of the other Programme areas; define strategies

Identify relevance and utility of tools used in each programme; suggest alternatives as appropriate

Secondary analyses of existing data sets need; and, disseminate information

Statement of foundational principles

Develop project report guidelines for completed projects and secondary analyses

Construct a survey tool to collect details of Programme research needs

Collect and collate information from survey

Prioritise needs identified through the survey and build plan to address needs

External research

Phase 1: Database of member organisations' research priorities, national contexts, needs and experts

Phase 2: Database of University / organisations projects, needs and capacities

Phase 3: Research priorities and needs identified by consensus process

Phase 4: Disseminate and educate


Practice Development

Projects 2014-2015

Define Quality Indicators for use by the WFOT

Develop a set of indicators that can be used by occupational therapists globally

Create an online platform for occupational therapy communities to interact

Promote the use of the platform

Encourage a high level of quality of knowledge, resources and skills

Identify a baseline of registration requirements within each member organisation

Identify the relationship between the regularity body and member organisation

Identify the issues in member organisations and how they are related to practice standards

Identify future projects from this data to inform the development of questions for a survey

Identify the relationship between the regularity body and member organisation

Identify the issues in member organisations and how they are related to practice standards

Identify future projects from this data

Develop a position statement for occupational therapy and older people

Develop case studies of occupational therapy and mental health


Standards & Quality

Ongoing Functions 2014-2016

Review constitutions of new member organisations

Monitoring and communicating with International Advisory Groups (IAGs)

- IAG Occupational Science

- IAG Human Rights

- IAG Social Media

Support the development of IAGs in response to other Programme Areas

Translation of official WFOT documents into French, Spanish, German and other non-English languages when requested

Develop and provide assistance to other programmes in the development of Position Statements


Projects 2014-2016

Review of WFOT Code of Ethics

Development of guidelines and procedures to evaluate Code of Ethics

Revise position statement on human rights

Establishment of IAG Social Media and Position Statement on Social Media




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