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Programme Areas

5 Programme Areas of WFOT


The following is a list of the projects currently in progress in each of the programme areas.


Education & Research

Continuing Projects / Ongoing Functions:

Maintain Educational Programmes List

Review submitted Curricula

Monitor Approved Educational Programmes

Respond to Education and Research enquiries

Maintain Web-based Directory of Occupational Therapy Journals

Position Statement on International Collaborative Research in Occupational Therapy

Establish Web-based Directory of Research Centres with Occupational Therapy Researchers

Proposed Projects:

Review, Update and Standardise Format of Education-related WFOT Documents

Compile a Quality Assurance Package for Occup[ational Therapy Education

Develop a Leadership Programme to Mentor Current Educators

Develop a Position Statement on Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice

Develop a Position Statement on Raising Entry-level Practice Qualifications to Baccalaureate Degree

Revise the Minimum Standards for the Education of Occupational Therapists 2002 and Incorporatea Human Rights Perspective

Contribute to the WHO's Generic Curricula for Healthcare Personnel

Develop Guidelines for Establishing Occupational Therapy Publications

Establish a Pool of Occupational Therapy Research Mentors

Develop a Web-based List of Possible Funding Agencies for Occupational Therapy Research around the world


International Cooperation

Continuing Projects/Ongoing Functions:

Updating of Resource Data (People and Materials)

Responding to Individual Requests for Support in regards to Staff Exchange and Development of the Profession

Collate Information on the Development of Occupational Therapy Profession in Member Organisation countries

Development of Occupational Therapy in Ghana

Proposed Projects:

Collate Information and Assist the Development of the Occupational Therapy Profession in Laos, Myanmar, Innter Mongolia, Madagascar

Exploration of the WFOT Potential Partnership with African Nations, such as Tunisia, Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, etc.

Tracking Occupational Therapy in Countries with No Association

Web-based Resources related to Accessibility for Tourism and Travel

Partnership with Major International Agencies


Promotion and Development

Continuing Projects/Ongoing Functions:

Definition of Occupational Therapy from Member Organisations

Produce the WFOT Bulletin twice a year

Employment Requirements from Member Organisations

Translation of WFOT Documents

Human Resources Project

World Occupational Day 27 October

Proposed Projects:

Promotional Materials Survey

Bulletin - Readership Survey

Bulletin - Website Page

WFOT 60th Anniversary

Criteria for the Student Scholarship Scheme

Develop a Strategy for the Occupational Therapy International Outreach Network (OTION)

Social Media Strategy


    Standards & Quality

    Continuing Projects/Ongoing Functions:

    Support and Facilitate New Member Organisations

    Review Constitutions of New Members

    Review and Advice regarding Code of Ethic and Standars of Practice

    Monitor Communication with International Advisory Groups (IAGs):

    • Establish IAG: New Technology and Occupational Therapy
    • Revitalise IAG: International Classification of Functioning (ICF) and Occupational Therapy
    • Close IAG: E-Health and Evidence Based Practice

    Proposed Projects:

    Revision of Guidelines and Procedures in Establishin an Occupational Therapy Association and Applying for Membership in WFOT

    Specialisation and Advanced Occupational Therapy Competencies

    Occupation Based Core Sets. Testing and Evaluating the Vocational Rehabilitation Core Sets, based on ICF, developed by WHO

    Revise definition of Occupational Therapy

    Revise Position Statement on Human Rights



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