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Fundamental Beliefs

The World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) believes that:

  1. Occupational therapy has a valuable contribution to make to occupational performance as it affects the health and well-being of people. 
  2. It can positively influence health, welfare, education and vocation at an international level.
  3. The effectiveness of the Federation depends on its contribution and collaboration with other international organizations. 
  4. It can positively influence the development of excellence within the profession.
  5. The effectiveness of the Federation depends on it being responsive to the professional needs, issues and requirements of members. 
  6. It must be built on co-operation, high ethical standard and mutual respect at all levels.
  7. It engages in political activities and advocacy in matters directly related to its purposes. It will not take a position on a political agenda of any particular national or international party, or of any nation(s), unless it relates to the WFOT’s purpose.
  8. The success of the Federation is dependent on the development and maintenance of a strong unified leadership of the WFOT Council.
  9. Its members are the most important asset. 

WFOT Mission

WFOT promotes occupational therapy as an art and science internationally. The Federation supports the development, use and practice of occupational therapy worldwide, demonstrating its relevance and contribution to society.

Code of Ethics

The WFOT Code of Ethics (revised 2016) describes the general categories of appropriate conduct for occupational therapists in any professional circumstance. It is understood that each member association will have a detailed code of ethics particular to its needs.

The WFOT Code of Ethics is available in the General Category of the  Resource Centre.


The WFOT ‘Entry Level Competencies for Occupational Therapists (2008)’ identifies a framework for entry-level competencies for the practice of occupational therapy. WFOT promotes the Competencies to assist in the development and promotion of a standard of excellence in occupational therapy practice, and to assist and guide the development and monitoring of occupational therapy practice competencies within WFOT member countries - competencies that are specific to practice in that country.

 Read the Statement on Occupational Therapy

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